VAM: Virtual Agency Mastermind

Collaborate. Decide. Thrive.

Join VAM, the transformative community program tailored for agency owners, leaders, and executives. This exclusive gathering brings together a select cohort of top-tier agency leaders to their share their real-life case studies, to learn about the tools and insights critical to making better decisions, and to problem-solve collaboratively.

With only 15 spots available per cohort, the opportunity to be a part of this transformative experience is limited.

Build a Supportive Community of Agency Leaders

VAM is not just about individual growth, it’s about forging a symbiotic network of industry leaders. Leverage shared experiences, learn from others, and collaborate to elevate each member’s success. You don’t need to go into a big decision alone… gain perspective from your industry peers who understand what you’re facing.

Empower Your Mastery of Decision Making

  • Connect with top-tier agency peers, creating valuable relationships with like-minded professionals who understand your unique challenges.
  • Collaborate with renowned industry experts, including speakers from leading companies like Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, and more. Gain new perspectives to fuel your growth.
  • Thrive under the seasoned mentorship of Jon Morris, Founder & CEO of Ramsay and former CEO of Rise Interactive, to help your agency reach the next stage of success.

Criteria for Participation

  • Revenue-based cohorts: Your agency’s annual revenue should be at least $1 million or more.
  • Commitment: Dedicate one year to the program and attend at least 10 out of 12 monthly virtual meetings.
  • Utilize EngineBI: Make the most of our agency business intelligence and financial benchmarking software to run your business efficiently.
  • Aspire to Grow: Have a vision for creating a larger organization and a passion for growth.
  • Confidentiality: Be willing to share financial insights under confidentiality to support the collective success of the group.

Virtual Agency Mastermind Details


Connect virtually with other agency leaders and industry experts through meetings led by Jon Morris, Founder & CEO of Ramsay and former CEO of digital agency Rise Interactive. With a limited cohort of 15 companies per group, you’ll enjoy focused interaction and personalized attention.

Monthly Growth Sessions

  • Frequency: Join us for one 2-hour session per month.
  • Engage with renowned guest speakers from industry-leading companies, who will share their knowledge and insights to help you grow.
  • Share your agency’s best practices and support each other with your unique insights.
  • Each session will receive a 30 minute training session facilitated by Jon Morris.
  • The final hour of each meeting is for you and other agency leaders to get in the “hot seat” – a powerful way to get insights on specific issues from others who have been in your shoes before.

Powered by Engine

Take advantage of Engine, robust business and financial intelligence software specifically for agencies. Run your business efficiently, make data-driven decisions, and enjoy the benefits of streamlined financial management.

Affordable and Accessible

The program fee is included in the 1-year Engine License, priced at $450 per month. Choose to save 15% with an annual, upfront payment

Meet Your Host, Jon Morris


Jon Morris is the Founder and CEO of Ramsay Innovations, a tech-enabled finance and strategic planning company that helps marketing agencies drive success. Jon was also the Founder and CEO of Rise Interactive, an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency. With $10,000, he turned it into one of the largest independent digital agencies. Now his focus is on helping agency leaders to simplify their decision-making process with robust insights.

Apply Today to Join the Inner Circle of Top Agency Leaders

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