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You know your business. We know the agency business.

We’ve walked in your shoes…

Founded, owned, and scaled agencies to their penultimate aspirations.

We learned: those with sophisticated financial infrastructures thrive;

Those without, hit a ceiling and are left behind.

Fiscal Advocate builds, integrates, and manages the fp&a infrastructure you need to scale your agency to the next level.

Ready to Scale your Agency to the next level

Differentiating yourself from other agencies in today's competitive landscape can be difficult but incredibly important for marketing agency growth.

The next questions will show you where you stand and will provide insights on how we can help you grow with sophisticated agency budget management and financial planning services.

How we help agencies with their financial infrastructure

Fiscal Advocate provides the following menu of financial services specifically geared towards marketing agencies

Financial Infrastructure Configuration

  1. QuickBooks Online Platform Migrations
  2. Banking Organization (Access Controls and Cash Org)
  3. Data Structure
  4. Chart of Accounts Configuration
  5. QuickBooks Online Cleanup


  1. Charts of Accounts Optimization
  2. Month-End Close
  3. Media Reconciliation
  4. Invoicing
  5. Accounts Receivable
  6. Accounts Payable
  7. Payroll Management
  8. Clean Up

FINANCial planning & analysis (FP&A)

  1. Cash Flow Management
  2. Annual Agency Budgeting & Strategic Planning
  3. Forecasting
  4. Monthly Insights
  5. Resource/Capacity Planning

Meet our founder and CEO

Jon Morris

At the age of 30, Jon Morris started a digital marketing agency called Rise Interactive. When Jon sold Rise 16 years later, it was one of the largest Independent Digital Agencies in the world. Much of Rise’s success was due to having a financial infrastructure that provided insights that led to sound strategic planning, which enabled Jon and the Rise team to make the right decisions quicker and more often. Through Ramsay Innovations, Jon’s new passion is to help other agencies grow and thrive through finance, just as Rise did.

Why we help agencies with their financial infrastructure

Financial Management

By implementing a proper accounting & FP&A infrastructure to provide clients with insights to fuel growth, Ramsay Innovations builds effective financial stewardship and company-wide financial fluency, which propels growth and drives sustainability.

Business Growth Services

Ramsay Innovations helps CEOs and entrepreneurs of small to medium-sized businesses scale their companies faster.

Many agencies have accounting (at least when it comes to taxes). Few possess an accounting infrastructure that provides clear and timely reporting to provide a comprehensive and accurate historical view of how their business performed.

Even fewer agencies employ robust financial planning & analysis, which is key for strategic planning.

This means leaders of marketing firms do not possess an accurate, detailed, and constant pulse on how their business is performing—their company’s vitals.

Without this proper financial infrastructure and knowledge, it is impossible to know how to make informed, data-driven decisions that fuel marketing agency growth.

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